These dates will be difficult Christmas for many families. Downsizing in large corporations, families who can not pay their mortgages and credit, immigrants can no longer send remittances to their relatives, small businesses have to close their businesses or their empresasa Only in Spain the unemployment figures have already reached three million people and with prospects of increase in the coming months. However, the cause of this crisis continue with your lifestyle. a rize of 900 euros on average each family will spend this Christmas time Spanish, say the newspapers. Polvorones, marzipan, toys for children figures that are too far away for thousands of people have been affected by the crisis or living under the poverty line. Only in Spain, over a million and half people live in substandard housing, according to the latest report of the charity. Christmas 2008 will be a party in crisis studies say. Households reduced spending on these days of mass consumption and avoid wastage of Christmas itself.

There will be fewer gifts and just be made to the family. Nor will both to dinner or the theater. Although for smaller gifts of the Magi guaranteed. Video games and consoles are the most requested gifts children Navidad.a Administrations and cities around the world also will tighten the belt. Cities with fewer lights and less decorated will welcome the new year, which is expected also difficult. Television and ads bombard us every day and thousands of products for the holidays: Christmas tree, nativity scenes, table decorations for Christmas, turkeys, lamb, prawns, Pescade and gifts, perfumes, ties, toys The Barbie, the Wiia And, above all, people smiling and happy.