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The Action

I saw with my own eyes, like a dog-mother after feasting on our compost heap regurgitate food to their puppy. Consequently, microorganisms are very useful indeed – four-legged friends, our great experts. After that I began to lay polukompost in an iron barrel, close the lid and press down its heavy stone. Food remains somehow degrades very slowly, in the end, did not wait turning them into humus, and buried between rows of potatoes, where they decomposed. Specific changes for the better in the potato had not noticed. Since then, if it's cold outside, the most valuable food waste we collect in a bucket on the balcony removal to a country house, buried in the compost heap. From these experiments, was born on the way composting plant rhizomes particularly vicious – goutweed, wheat grass, weed. When digging I collect them and lay in a metal barrel, ground with a spade, shears, made of conventional bayonet, and shed a fairly strong solution "Emka" as a means of calls a friend of mine was spending the summer.

Lactic acid bacteria break down roots, turning them into compost. On the action of lactic friends founded a way to control weeds. Ostensibly it is enough to get into the fresh cut stems or rhizomes, and the fate of the enemy is sealed. My experience of war with the weeds with their not marked not that Stalingrad, but even some obscure operation. Apparently, the weeds are not yet fully realized that they should die together by em.

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Garden House

Potted plants in the interior of the apartment – a beauty, healthy climate and an exciting experience. Almost every one of us in the house has at least one pot of flowers. Sometimes we do not know their names or origin – just like to take care of his green friend, enjoy the emergence of new shoots and flowers. With limited space and low-light living room also can be successfully grown even vegetable plants. AND your garden at home will bring you not only enjoy a pleasant hassle to care for him but good. Worse than look to a room, for example, clumps of parsley and celery leaves with beautiful? And did not cause a good aesthetic sensations tomato plants on a windowsill or balcony? Even with great success in the indoor environment can be grown cucumber.

Pleasing to the eye green arrow leaves the bow, which is 10-12 days can grow from nutrients stored in the bulbs. Most vegetable plants is well matched with potted flowers and ornamental plants. Many of them are in themselves beautiful and stunning and so it can decorate the house and even to replace decorative. Chase home of roots can be a delicate tracery greens cumin scented rhizomes of tarragon, hyssop, and other perennial spice plants. You can create a "bouquet" of various vegetables, placing them in a well decorated boxes, plastic dishes or in bags of plastic films and even in ordinary flower pots. Well-groomed plants not only provide comfort home, but thinner and a pleasant aroma. But the main advantage growing vegetables on the windowsill – at any time at hand there are few fresh herbs vitamins, so necessary to us in the autumn, winter and spring. Lesson is, however, is troublesome.

You need to consider how best to place the green friends, pick up soil and containers for planting. Very important work on selection of varieties and the acquisition of seeds, rhizomes, bulbs, roots that are at the right time could be put in the room and create a pipeline vitamin products. There is a need to protect plants from pests and diseases, and the room you can only do harmless drugs. These and many other issues that may arise in the fun work to grow vegetables in a room, find the answers online Garden home.

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