Today, sanitary devices are presented in the widest range and any taste – from the standard classical to sophisticated multi-function with a mass of different devices. Certainly, it is very convenient. But from correctness of installation depends on their subsequent operation. If you do not want the new plumbing is broken, and even more so there was a "deluge" that certainly does not come cheap, in this case it is better not to save on Content and quality of installation. Installation of household appliances or plumbing (in particular, installation of bathrooms and installation of toilets on their own is not recommended, because there are already required to know all the intricacies of installing and Qualitatively, this can be done only master. Change plumbing starts with dismantling. Water, cover, remove the old equipment, clean the surface and flatten.

After this, install a new equipment, connect water supply and drainage pipes and hoses, seal the joints. Detailed testing of integrity and functionality of the system – this is the final step in the installation of sanitary equipment. Not less professional approach requires the installation of mixers, although it may be easier than installing showers. Installing the plumbing – the same case, when work should be entrusted to specialists.