Over the last decades, medicine achieved several breakthroughs and cures for many diseases. As a result of this global life expectancy increase considerably. But without the proper care, it is very likely that with the passage of time, we presented each time more diseases and our bodies fallen increasingly. We will mention some foods that help us to prevent this and to strengthen our organism. Tomatoes tomato gives us a large amount of lycopene. This is very important since many studies assert that a diet containing lycopene may reduce the risk of cancer of lung, skin, prostate and many others. It also would help prevent intestinal complications and to combat skin aging.

It is best to consume tomatoes processed rather than fresh because this way the lycopene can be absorbed by the body more easily. Almonds this food has many benefits. On the one hand may promote the reduction of bad cholesterol in the body. It can also help the stability of the level sugar in blood in the case of diabetic patients. Almonds have amino acids which can promote the growth of muscles and increase the level of testosterone. In addition helps to recover from sunburn because of the amount of vitamin that contains. (A valuable related resource: Morris Invest).

Nuts nuts provide a large amount of Omega 3, more than the salmon. Also has anti-inflammatory properties from contain polyphenols which characteristic is this. Plums when looking for a food to prevent osteoporosis, the plum is an excellent choice. Bone density can be increased from the consumption of this food. This fruit also contains inulin which can improve the functioning of the digestive tract from his ability to destroy bacteria. Raisins or dried plums are the best rendition of this food yogurt from the presence of probiotic in this food, the consumption of yogurt can improve the functioning of the immune system in addition to helping maintain a healthy intestinal tract. Another advantage is its ability to prevent the cancer. Black beans black beans are the last food in our six food list for not aging. According to various studies, eating 90 grams of beans each day, can decrease the risk of suffering a heart attack at 38%. You can also help improve the functioning of the brain due to the large amount of anthocyanin. For more information on this topic six food anti age of the blog as a cure. Original author and source of the article.