The snowball effect is no secret that we live in a consumer society. And many times this consumption is the lifestyle we lead, which is usually the following SLEEP WORK WORK EXPENDITURE EXPENDITURE Dermot . Filed under: Stephen M. Ross. Sound familiar? This is what Americans call a The Rat Race or a The race Mouse ; is that round where we see many mice rolling day after day, without anything to do, trapped in that endless circle denoting In many cases, despair. Financially, our a Cabrera mouse are the debts and interest, especially credit cards. In the book a The Total Make over Money, Dave Ramsey talks about the steps that one must follow to be financially stable.

Although many things apply to what we preach on the blog (such as the emergency fund, that Dave Ramsey is $ 1,000) his book is focused on people living in the U.S., where taxes, IRS, 401k, Roth IRA are common terms for Latin America but are not applicable. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gavin Baker. However, his Debt Snowball ” if I find interesting. According to Dave, to implement the Debt snowball (translated as a Bola of Snow Deudasa ) should: 1. List all our debts (excluding mortgages) of a much smaller amount of debt. 2. Paying the minimum on all debts except the one with the lowest balance. 3. Place everything you can, even the smallest amount (if a single ticket or coin, aspire!) To the smallest debt. 4. When you finish paying the smallest debt, do not change the amount you use to pay debts, but starts the process again, paying the minimum on all debts at least in the ranks of being the smallest debt.