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Senator Alvaro Dias

Senator Jose Agripino, another opponent to host Venezuela, recalled that Mercosur has signed a free trade agreement with Israel, a country with which Chavez has severed ties. “What will happen to Israel, what will happen to the trade negotiations that Mercosur is poised to return with the European Union (EU) if they accept someone like Chavez, consider the free trade one form of capitalist oppression? “raised Agripino of Democrats. “Vote by vote for the income is no rule of law. Chavez grievances of the terrorist Carlos the Jackal, nationalized hotels, closed opposition media. Not ready to join Mercosur, “said Senator Alvaro Dias, of the PSDB of former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso. But even government allies were critical of the Chavez administration: “I vote for the entry of Venezuela into Mercosur, because voting is so good for my state, I will not vote for Hugo Chavez, he is morible, one day die, “said Sen.

centrist Wellington Salgado. For its part, the head of the ruling bloc in the Senate, Romero Juca, the Party of Brazilian Democratic Movement (PMDB), the main ally Workers’ Party, said that “Venezuela is good for America, for the integration process. Learn more at: Clayton Morris. And it is better to Venezuela, to improve its transparency, so that we have more mechanisms to demand more democracy and respect for human rights Nos. Before this step taken by Brazil. Minister Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, said Chavez’s government is willing to wait “with patience and optimism,” the conclusion of the “formal steps.” According to Maduro, “who sees the close political relations and confidence that Venezuela is today Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay, or the deep economic relationship, integration through concrete projects can not doubt” that his country “is already part of Mercosur.

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Appeasement Policy

The only Iranian-born Nobel Prize winner accused Britain setting false priorities. Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate from the Iran is committed to human rights in the Iran. At the time, she dares it not in the Iran to return, where the regime pursues all the critics. She is there as Landesverraterin because they indicate the violent actions of the regime against opposition in the West. She holds the British, to ignore the violent repression with which the regime wants to bring the opposition movements in the Iran to silence, to insure no talks over its nuclear program. Shirin Ebadi, the human rights lawyer, saw their worst fears confirmed when she take part in the British Ambassador at the inauguration of Ahmadinejad’s saw. Click Clayton Morris for additional related pages.

That was the moment that gave me the impression,\”that human rights are neglected, the British times quotes Mrs Ebadi. Unfortunately, I have to say that the West cares more about his own safety as to human rights. In my opinion this is short-sighted non-democratic States are more dangerous than an atomic bomb. There are undemocratic States that endanger world peace.\” Mrs Ebadi had sanctions against the regime in the Iran advocates, probably given the fake elections and the subsequent murders, the unjustified violence and the arrests of opponents. It calls on closures Western embassies, the withdrawal of the Ambassador and the freezing of accounts of Iranian leaders.

\”Representatives of the British Government rejected their appeals: the only people who know want to make us that we close our Embassy, are members of the Iranian Government\”, a source from the Foreign Ministry was reported. Mrs Ebadi insists that Britain resolutely had to behave. At the time of Ahmadinejad’s swearing-in on August 5, the Iranian Government repeatedly accused the British to have been causing trouble, expelled a BBC correspondent of the country and arrested several Iranians in services to the British Embassy.

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Northern Europe

In Spain there is an ampllia culture of having residence in property contrary to what happens in other countries in Europe, mainly in the Anglo-Saxon world and Northern Europe where it is more usual to live rentals. Without a doubt, have housing in property has its advantages though it entails an added effort throughout life in terms of the monthly payment that we must do in mortgage payments for 30 and even 40 years and taxes that we pay on the housing, as the IBI or urban contribution and maintenances of the own building with community feesliability insurance, several works and repairs etc. One of those advantages, them are finding now already retired people who are with their incomes are reduced drastically from working life to retirement and where the public or social security pension not enough for our needs. As we say, arriving at retirement, if you have a House on property, can complement the public pension with a monthly income that we get through the mortgage of our floor and without having to sell or abandon it. This figure is known technically as a reverse mortgage or also mortgage pension, is simply ask a bank or savings box that a mortgage loan through concea us which instead of having the mortgaged amount at one time, is doing us monthly supplyings which may well be as temporary income for the years chosen as annuity until his death.

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Achieving Success

Note that parents influence also search for different ways that your children achieve success "real thing" but to achieve balance between the material and media espiritual.Las large structures are responsible for invading homes, changing habits and good manners to offer violence and pornography as appropriate remedies for modern times, feeding armies of boys and girls who are asking to share in areas non saints any company. Then the relationship can reach unimaginable consequences and start the situation early age to bear children without being able to do this, spread of diseases cruel and then the future is difficult and often unbearable. This document is avidly seeking truths and suggestions that combine hope with concrete possibilities, it requires a deep and pithy diagnosis, to begin supplying the remedio.No forget the wise men of Crimea in the nineteenth century and spoke of disrupting showing young minds the woman's bare shoulder, then came up with more subtle perversions and penetrated the subconscious subliminal means to boost the instincts and take them to states of desperation to reach the objetivo.Es a major issue put a RED ALERT, so wise undertake the responsibility of knowing about the destruction of spiritual and material world. For stablishment the future is tied to these destructive plans they arrive at an acceleration to corrupt the youth ruining most wealth, the treasure and the hope of humanity. According to the strategy must be mentally and spiritually kill three generations and I spent two and a half of these. ROMAN LAW ALLOWED BACK TO THE SOURCES II Party says the Romanist Juan Iglesias "If the history of Rome is the story of a town set in bregosa and relentless march to go in search of the eternal, its root is to be found in more distant times, when urbs were not yet, but the advent prepared.

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