It is a compendium, where the author makes a strafing of Condor! As when these huge and strong birds visit the coasts of the ocean fresh Pacific abandoning its rugged Cordillera of the andes, as when planning this Catartido to vividly in the vastness of space weary from it the entire Andean and coastal, panorama with the authority that gives its size, its weight and its long, wide and powerful wings, anti-carrona Ave Diurnal bird of powerful view, which disappears injured animals dying and pure carrion, exposed soils and in valleys and thereby clean the valleys!, purifies the air!, fed life, allows health being a prey is useful to life!. This author, flying over society, which Condor, observes situations and topics to which injured animals from death, themes, which animals infected point-to-point die irretrievably, this author observes views carrion type exposed by media and institutions concerned, this author observes an apology leased in favour the culture of death, in favour of the culture of the corpse. This author gives his opinion on these different topics, that is displayed without any shame in society, pure carrion that is watered from the State or no State do anything to prevent it, pure carrion which pollute the environment of society. This author faces without lapses and slip their points of view to avoid the truth be devalue this author gives his views against those who feed the culture of death, who fattened and promote the culture of the corpse, analyzes and gives his opinion, openly without fear, without mincing, without smudging on some occasions polemizo through newspapersin others he attended college campuses and discussed with persons and NGOs which felt contrary always with the authority of having defended the culture of life as a teenager, because he began to speak publicly since the 23 August 1969 at the age of 15 years – on the school page student Aurora of the GUE San Miguel de Piura page, which was published weekly in the Industry in that city many of these articles were published on the editorial page of the newspaper industry of Piura, Chiclayo and Trujillo, in some magazines and some others are unpublished.