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Comfortable Country Houses

What makes a country house is really comfortable? Of course, bright windows and warm walls, secure doors and comfortable furniture. But in the first place – the opportunity to enjoy the same benefits of civilization, as in the city: that of the cranes ran hot and cold water, so you can take a shower or bath to the toilet was clean and comfortable. To do this, enable the removal of wastewater from kitchens, toilets, sinks, baths, showers, etc. That is why one of the main components of a truly modern home – sewage. Yesterday sewer where sewage comes, when the sewers are outside the house? There are three ways to address this issue.

The first – removing waste water from individual homes can be made to the local sewage network: this way, modern and environmentally friendly, but quite expensive, besides not everywhere is the sewer network. Second path – the traditional and, at first glance, inexpensive. Until recently, the essence of the sewerage cottages and villas with individual developers was in the construction of pit latrines, the contents of which must be pumped through sewer machine. How often? Calculate: per person per day on average 200 liters of wastewater. If the home resides a family of four (200 x 4 = 800), and the capacity sewer machine 4 cu. m, that is 4000 liters – to cause a car and pay for sewage disposal will have to once every five days. Thus, also this way – expensive, but still questionable in terms of environmental friendliness: not only that very peculiar smell spreads in the whole district, yet there is no guarantee that the driver-vacuum lucky human waste water is to a distant landfill, landfill, and not merge in a few tens or hundreds of meters away from your home, and they, among other things, will not get into your well water intake.

Local sewage treatment plants sewage "Breeze" The third and most modern way of recycling waste water – to set the individual (local) treatment facilities. Purification of the stations of different types produced by mechanical (filtration), chemical and biological facilities in various combinations. In the Russian market system using artificial wastewater are quite common. This is especially the domestic setting "Breeze", made from high quality primary food polyethylene on Italian equipment: the process of sewage treatment occurs in two stages – by the mechanical (rough – 1) purification and biological post-treatment (the natural biological environment – 2). The process of mechanical treatment is as follows: contaminated water from the kitchen, bathroom and toilet through the pipe enters the tank, reminiscent of a tank. In the sump is smooth, without external influence, the movement of fluid, resulting in waste water are separated into fractions: inorganic part settles to the bottom as sludge, and organic – comes to the surface in the form of foams and gases. As a result, much of the capacity is clarified liquid – it is purified to 30-40% water. After this, a special tube fluid forwarded to the biofilter, where the second phase purification and biological post-treatment. Biological tertiary treatment is due to "work" being in the aerobic reactor ("breathing") bacteria that are specifically loaded into it. The bacteria literally eat the organic components of the contents of septic tank, turning it into inorganic compounds. After biofiltration water can be discharged into the ground or gutter, where it passes additional natural posttreatment. The quality of wastewater, which provides local treatment system (LOS), meets the requirements for purified water is discharged into reservoirs (Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion number of 03. 12. 99).

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Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are an integral part of modern industrial equipment All work of this movement of bulky equipment such as earthmoving and road vehicles, should be implemented with a high degree of accuracy and dynamics, especially in e-governance. Working motion hydraulic excavator carried out by means of hydraulic cylinders. Arrow up of two hydraulic cylinders. Handle and shovel move a hydraulic cylinder. Depending on the size of the machine design pressure in the hydraulic cylinders up to 160 320 bar. During operation, when static loads are added to the dynamic load (sudden changes in direction traffic load during loading and unloading of the bucket and other), individual pressure peaks can be several times higher than the calculated values.

In these circumstances, hydraulic cylinder design work, and especially the quality of its production is very important. Welds head and cylinder base with a cylindrical housing demand from the applied welding process is very high quality and reliable welding. In most cases, the annular sutures are in the section of U – shaped profile. Centering surface, made boring, so that the exact form of landing and serve as substrates root welds. Because housing is machined (with a tolerance H8), providing direction of movement of the piston, then the root joint requires a minimum of penetration (depending on the design – 1.5 3 mm). During welding, the spigot has melted, leaving a clean surface treated boring. For welding use various methods to ensure the implementation of the above requirements with high performance.

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Heaters Steam-

Steam water heater designed to heat the water in heat networks, systems, hot water and heating with saturated steam from the steam or low pressure steam boilers. Manufactured solar nn steam-water in accordance with gost 28679-90 "heaters steam-heating systems. Construction and principle of the steam-water heater (pp) steam-water heater is used in heating, operating in temperature conditions 150-70, 130-70, 95-70 and serves to heat the heater nn network of water vapor for use in heating and hot water supply systems of various buildings. Represents steam water heater shell and tube heat exchanger is a horizontal type (heater PP), the basic units which are: * body * heater pipe system, heater * Front and rear (floating) Water heater chamber, the housing cover * heater. Assembling the basic units of steam-water heater paragraphs by using split-flange connections, providing the possibility of preventive inspection and repair heater pp. The heated water in the water / steam heater moves over the tubes, and heating steam through a pipe in the top of the heater Nos. enters the annular space heater in the which establishes the segmental walls, directing traffic flow in the steam heater pp. Heating steam condensate in heater water / steam flows into the lower part of the body and is discharged from the heater. Accumulate in the heater pp permanent gases (air) is discharged through the pipe on the unit. Steam-heaters are made of the following types: FG1 – podogrevateliparovodyanye with elliptical bottoms; FG2 – steam-heaters with flat bottoms.

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Power Generators

Generator (from Lat. Generator – maker) – a device that produces succession products (eg, ice maker, steam generator, gas generator), generating electrical energy (eg, electrical, thermal emission, magnetohydrodynamic.) or generate electricity, light, electromagnetic or sound – vibrations, pulses (such as radio, the quantum, the ultrasonic generator). Power plant (Power Plant) – a collection of plant, equipment and apparatus designed specifically for playback of electrical energy. Power plants are used in industry, construction, agriculture, commerce, etc. They can be as basic source of power and emergency backup. Diesel generators (gensets) – mini power plants that run on diesel fuel. Units produced both an air and with water (liquid) cooling.

Power Generators from 5 kva to 3000. Diesel generators can produce single-phase electric current is 220V and 380V three-phase current. Apply mainly for backup, seasonal or emergency power supply of domestic or industrial facility. Scope: country houses, cottages, a garage, construction site, oil and gas industry, etc. Gasoline Generators (GASOLINE) – this power, operating on gasoline. Generators are divided into single-and three-phase, 2-stroke and 4-stroke. Can serve as a source of primary or backup power. gasoline enforced by moe, road-repair stations, construction sites, to provide electricity on-site facilities of trade, the average urban apartment or a small country house.

gasoline serve as a source of electricity for household appliances and professional tools (eg, drills, drills, construction equipment, compressors): Gas power plant (gas generating) work propane-butane mixtures, natural and industrial gases. Produced a model of small, medium or large capacity from 4.2 kW to 2 mw. Gas generators are necessary to fully comply with environmental standards. Gas plant used as a backup or a permanent power source. Power plants are used to supply electricity to homes, towns, industrial facilities, residential and administrative buildings, etc.

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