The Festival will be carried out in the beautiful surroundings of the Sparing Auditorium della Musica of Rome, the architectonic complex designed by the innovating architect Renzo Piano and inaugurated in 2002 and located between Villa Dori, Olympic Villa and the popular Roman district of Parioli, where it is not difficult to find apartments for guests and spectators for a stay to Rome to attend the event. This year the cinema festival will be soothes of numerous parallel events that give to space for many initiatives and the experimental cinema, a characteristic has characterized that it from its beginnings. In spite of his relatively short history, in fact, this collection of art films has been able to work immediately its important paper in the international scene, without interfering with other important festivales that they are in Italy. One is totally within the complex designed by the reputation architect, the festival will be a succession of exhibitions, meetings, factories, laboratories of any type to be valued and to know each small detail the cultural and technical art of the cinema. As all the festivales of art in one of Rome also are divided in several categories that allow to divide the works in four main areas that are the official selection of films that picks up the international rights of author, the spectacular advances and events, " Another extra film that reunites around its name numerous prizes that are granted with experimental aims or for a race of documentary especially intense, the section of Alicia in the country becomes the city instead of the union of transit for all the works which the youngest generation and the use of these forms of expression are characterized by their boarded being, especially adapted for a public whom it likes to experiment. Finally but less important it is not the part of the eye called in the world that wants to be hermanada with a foreign culture and that to show the seven more representative films of the people communicates and to use the art of the cinema.