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Wurzburg September

Akura group with diversified asset portfolio for 10 years successful Wurzburg September 2010. Ten years Akura capital management AG celebrates a successful machine concept these days its earned anniversary. Especially the investors, who can enjoy year after year about attractive returns but also the around 600 independent distributor of Akura belong to the well-wishers capital management AG. For the Akura group a welcome occasion to the highlights of its eventful history back to look. Modern investment concepts for private investors, who simply offer more than the usual offerings of banks and insurers entered the Akura capital management AG for this purpose ten years ago in the market of the investment products. The recipe for success of Akura capital management AG was then as now: diversification in terms of the US economist Harry Markowitz mean: the dispersion of capital across different asset classes, including Stocks mutual funds, real estate, precious metals, raw materials, but also corporate direct investments. With this strategy generates the Akura handsome returns group for their customers even in weaker market phases and offers a solid protection against possible inflation risks due to the strict focus on tangible assets. The Akura group started their operations in the year 2000 at the beginning with a twelve member consultancy team, which immediately took over the mediation of personal plans to retail investors full commitment.

Investors responded with close interest the innovative investment product of the Akura group: the full placement of Akura capital management AG; achieved therefore already in 2004 with a total volume of EUR 18.5 million in the same year was the subsidiary Akura II capital management AG, with a placement volume of 28.8 million euros at the start. The investment concept of Akura capital management AG convinced not only the investors, but also independent rating and testing institutes. 2007 reviewed the TuV Rheinland the beneficiary of Akura II capital management AG officially with the predicate good”.

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In The Face Of Inflation?

After the supposed euro rescue is before the next financial crisis. Against the euro crisis the European States loosely make 750 billion euros – the crisis is now averted? A highly dramatic weekend of crisis meetings in Brussels, Berlin and other European capitals is behind us. Together with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the EU wants to spend up to 750 billion euros as a “Rescue package” for the ailing single currency, the euro. In our rich in rescue packages in astronomical denominations, it is indicative that the sum is certainly no reason to great confusion. You may find that Clayton Morris can contribute to your knowledge. So once again to the memory: we are talking about 750.000.000.000 single euro, but eventually be claimed against the contrary protestations of many involved actors just. Or even a little differently: 750,000 million euro. -Put your hands up – he that believeth that you will ever see these borrowed values? What that means is clear. First someone – tax-paying citizens – to this sum must be straight, and Secondly, a financial bet that is a sure thing at the moment: there is no, there must be in the next few years a significant inflation in the economically strong countries on Earth.

Why? Because inflation is the only politically enforceable means to get huge government debt, which are aggregated at the moment on this side, and across the Atlantic, at some point in the handle. A little bildlicher: Inflation is the only real possible valve on the overindebtedness of the world via the overpressure can be drained. Thus, the debt problem was also solved, not least heard by the Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman. There is after all independent central banks, which in time can increase the key interest rates, before the advent of dangerously high inflation rates and so get the risk of inflation in the handle. Clayton Morris gathered all the information. Behind it stands the idea that taxpayers would be burdened by the rising interest rate charged to the more indebted States unduly without inflation.

Still, the assumption is based on the political independence of central banks. Because interest rate hike means throttling the liquidity available in the economic cycle. The normal consequences are decreasing growth rates with all its consequences, of which growing unemployment in the industrialized countries is only one. But same taxpayers who are protected by “controlled” inflation should, will have felt same inflation at any store cash register; not to mention saving (pensions, insurance schemes, private savings-pigs and stockings, etc.). And central banks at the moment are as independent, could be seen at the weekend, as the European Central Bank, under pressure from the EU Heads of state their position to buy a worthless southern European government bonds, held by two days. So or so, incredibly high debt will take their toll. Commodity prices and labor costs in emerging countries tighten already strong, and is the next real estate bust in the United States with depreciation volumes of 300-400 billion dollars expected for the middle of the year. The day will come, because the rants – partly legitimate – about the machinations of speculators in the neck of the politicians are stuck. There are many indications that it is only a matter of months.

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Dresden Pharmaceutical

The future business KG A presents current figures can be forced frequently to the real estate market in Dresden property owners by unexpected fluctuations in their financial situation to short-term sales of your real estate, or they are interested after expiration of the tax periods of holding lucrative to sell the real estate. The future business KG responds to such situations and offers A flexibly and promptly, thanks to its strong liquidity. The advantage of this time is a big factor for purchase prices well below the market value. The future business KG A is convinced of the attractiveness of Dresden in the traditional city of Dresden is one of the most beautiful European landscapes of the city. The concise mix of Baroque and grunderzeitlicher building culture, as well as the unique position in the Elbe Valley are particularly characteristic.

But Dresden is becoming increasingly attractive as a business location. So many prominent IT companies and micro-electronics manufacturer in Dresden and the surrounding area have settled in recent years. Also the Dresden Pharmaceutical industry is strong national and international attention. In addition Volkswagen has settled there with his glass factory. The FuBus provides, detailed information to the real estate market of Dresden. FuBus confirmed: Dresden is a lucrative location for real estate investment according to current surveys, Dresden is a site for the purchase of a property to merited not only due to the pleasant quality of life.

The housing market is judged increasingly positive and particularly lucrative by investors of all kinds”, explains Jorg Biehl partner of future business KG A and Dresden with heart and soul. In the State capital Dresden 2011 representative housing market report “confirms that the income faster have increased as the demand for high-quality housing is the housing costs therefore also in the future long term. Increased demand due to again be immigration from the surrounding areas and the Western provinces is a continued low supply of housing in the qualitative high-quality sector opposite: an optimal prerequisite for lucrative investments in the real estate market of Dresden.

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Association Estate

Expert Thomas Filor: about 45 percent of households living in your own four walls. Magdeburg, 01.07.2013. This resulted in among other things the current referendum according to the census. Expressed in figures, we have, for example, 9.3 million condos. This also means that more than half of the residents live in this country for rent. In comparison to Europe we are doing comparatively badly so. More and more people make themselves one or more apartments as an investment.

You use this”parallel a wide range of trends, which guarantee a high planning security for years, explains the real estate expert Thomas Filor. So several advantages come together in the German real estate market: still comparatively cheap purchase prices of real estate, extremely low interest rates for loans and rental levels, this is healthy compared to the real estate prices in some locations even significantly higher. Apartments and houses are currently asked how long gone. Prices are going up. Nevertheless, pundits not far from Price bubble, as the ratio of the purchase price for the rent and the existing range of apartments and houses in a normal relationship moves.

So, the Institute of the German economy in Cologne, also expressed that despite extremely low interest rates more expansive lending is neither nor a high dynamic range in terms of purchases and sales to determine (link). At the same time, Jens-Ulrich Kiessling, President of the real estate Association of Germany (IVD) confirmed that the price increases were due to a long overdue catching-up process of the German housing markets. As an investor you will ask yourself this: there is real estate, which almost by the self-financing, especially since tax aspects play a role no longer? The answer. Yes, they have it but you should consider some important aspects. Considering some rules of the game, the assets with real estate at reasonable cost of equity is possible, however the income should meet also the what by a funding request at a bank or quickly figure out an other financing specialists is. The oft-quoted sentence is basically that the essential argument of a real estate investment is the location, then the location and finally the location. The real estate expert explains however under the condition that also must be the quality of the property and its administration”. Thomas Filor, focuses on just a few prosperous locations with its underwriter Faraman and offers a complete service (link) there. Under the keyword location you should consider also the economic indicators of a city, its environment and its micro location”, he explains. So it would be bad rental locations in otherwise very popular cities, at the same time, many site could convince but also only at second glance. So, the underwriter Faraman develop modern and yet affordable apartments that are ideally suited due to the good rental yield as investments for years. The good condition and the high-quality equipment in constant demand be the guarantor for a long term rental potential and the chances of increase in value.

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