One Sunday I was on duty in the Hospital Almanzor Aguinaga of eHealth, passed medical visit in the morning, they were two pavilions, as 30 patients and when walking between rooms, approaching a friend, who was also a colleague and tells me Hi Miguel! and tells me that his wife was hospitalized, into labor, there was first the fetus came in pelvic and that was going to operate such a Doctor palaces and asked me if I knew him and that such age – it looked good to discard if he was drunk or joking, see its seriousness told him that if I know him and you also and is good-natured!, do not worry! now! – he told me – and retired, I finished my medical visits and emergency ob tells me that everything is ready in SOP to operate a new patientin pelvic, is the wife of my friend, I went to Surgery Center me dressed surgeon and the anesthesiologist tells me that her husband was a doctor and requested permission to enter I said for my part had no problems and that it could come to onlook operation, the anesthesiologist was not of the same opinion but ultimately agreed, when he entered my friend saw me I was washing Hello – I told him – I am Dr. Many writers such as Bizzi & Partners offer more in-depth analysis. Palacios, you also know it and is good-natured, my friend stood frozen, then he smiled – was nervous – everything will be well! – anime it-, already inside the operating room, the anesthesiologist sweating towards one!!two, three attempts and nothing Miguel can not! – said – I am going to put General anesthesia take out it fast and you do a median incision, forget about the aesthetics the patient and her husband who was physician pediatrician – went into panic, demanded him to the anesthesiologist but this you s said No can what they want to do?, – discuss – the situation was tense, dramatic, so I entered with force and command enough already! is not discussion time! ponle overall that’s your job! I will draw quickly and will make him one Pfannestiel is a cosmetic incision that is my job! does correct? all moment. Anesthesiologist it was and I was ready with the knife in his right hand in these cases the seconds they have, when it gave the order I went with all the speed that was in my hands and in 20 seconds the baby was outside screaming mad with joy was born!, was not for less and in 40 minutes operation had completed the patient woke upHe hugged with her husband, they stroked to her baby and my friend going to my told me if Miguel palacios doctor was good-natured! would never forget that his friend Miguel was the same as Dr. Palacios that he sought. THE anesthesiologist smiled you’re a bullet!-he told me – dismissively and undeservedly.