The morality inhabits essentially in the spirit, however the human spirit is incarnate and only forms one and only substantial being, in way such that the corporeidade is the expressive field of the spirit. The man is subject of the moral, because, while person is of its free will that compromises the moral life; it is its freedom that if it destroys while to be moral. The moral value of the human body, on the philosophical point of view, drift basically of the fact that the man is an incarnate spirit e, therefore, the moral activity also depends, in its object and content, of the state of the corporeidade. The human body although everything, is not an object more in the series of the objects that in them surround e, therefore, it cannot be used as a commercial product. 3 _ RELATIONARY DIMENSION DIALGICA AND OF THE SEXUALITY: LOVE AND PROCREATION.

The term sex comes of Latin secare, that it means to separate, to distinguish. The etimologia already indicates this dualidade, this difference of two that being ' ' separados' ' it tends to reconstruct the unit. The sexuality cannot be considered as locality or to the genitalidade. The sexuality human being is not nor for data, nor an object, nor a function: it is a constituent dimension of the person who permeia all its being. Man and woman establish with the acts always and necessarily ' ' relations sexuadas' ' , but not ' ' sexual-genitais&#039 relations; '. The fecundidade only is not premade use in the biological structure and physiological feminine masculine and, but it also coats a dimension interpersonal: the instauration of a new dialogue with a new to be by means of the procreation. The sexual union is an act that involves, in the totality and the reciprocity, two people and places the premises for the call the existence of a new life human being.