Article 80-. (INDIVISIBLE THINGS). I are indivisible things that can not be split without altering its substance in relation to the whole. II. are considered indivisible things that can not be split by provision of law or the will human even if they are in fact liable Division. Article 81-… (APPLICATION OF THE DISCIPLINE OF PROPERTY RIGHTS).

The provisions relating to immovable property applies to rights in rem over real estate and the actions that correspond to them. With regard to other rights and remedies, as well as to shares or quotas for participation in societies, the provisions on the movable property. (Art. 105 Civil Code) Article 82-… (BELONGINGS). I.Constituyen belongings furniture goods that without losing your individuality are permanently affected to an economic or ornamental purpose with respect to another good furniture or property. II.

involvement can make only the owner of the principal thing or the holder of another right in rem thereon. III. acts with respect to the main thing also include possessions. However, these may constitute the aim of acts or separate legal relations unless the rights acquired by third parties. 13 Section III of the fruits Art. 83-… (NATURAL FRUITS). (I) are natural fruits that come from the thing, with human intervention or not, respectively, the offspring of animals, or agricultural products and minerals. (Art. 84 Civil Code) II. the fruits, before being separated, integrate the thing; but you can have them for future furniture things. III. the fruits belong to the owner of the thing that produces them, except when your property is attributed to others, case in which acquired by perception. Title II of possession Chapter 1 Art. 84-… (CIVIL FRUITS). The interests of capital, the canon of the leasing and other similar income are civil fruits. Acquired by day, proportionally to the length of the right.