The industry has the means to develop such technology and does not lack incentive to innovate, but how to encourage the industry? Traditionally, industry and environment have been and in some aspects remain antagonists: the major environmental damage the industry and leads the industry perceives the environment as an obstacle in its activities and an obstacle to its development and job creation. However, modern times have to reflect on this subject, which undoubtedly will get us to the concept of sustainable development and social responsibility, which in some countries are primary concepts in this relationship but in the country (case of Venezuela) seems to have been forgotten, even if you have a new Constitution that indicates this. It is necessary to join the struggle of a few individuals who are called conservationists and were only known as craft demonstrators, for the sole reason to remember the great powers that we need an environment to live and that our home “Earth” is dying in our hands. This article simply want to call the debate on this fascinating subject that can have many implications in our lives from the everyday to global survival rates. The environment is becoming a source of competitive advantage: rationalizing the consumption of natural resources drives technological development, improving the image of the company brand and product, increases the chances to get into other markets, and almost always increases the satisfaction of their employees and customers. We insist that there should be more of the companies linked to the protection of the environment, where their management is really committed to ensuring that the processes of production, the same products they produce are not polluting the environment in which they operate.