But what is necessary to think about is the safety of your family. Say, a chandelier in the nursery should be as small as possible parts of glass. Given that kids love to jump and frolic, a chandelier on a long tripod may cause injury to a child. Speaking of ergonomics, it is necessary to consider how convenient to use a particular model downlight. For example, a chandelier, where more than three dozen small halogen bulbs, looks very impressive, but to change them also, and very uncomfortable, especially if the chandelier hanging in a remote place – lobby. Carefully read the sockets for more in-store.

Sometimes chandelier with unusual design solution used, and a bulb with an unusual cap, which it is very difficult to find. Typically, these lamps are exclusive products and are sold in limited quantities. It may be that the light bulbs for them can only be ordered in a cabin, and delivery of new shipments will have to wait more than one week. But buyers choosing to save money on lighting fixtures central, risk buy cheap imports of Chinese manufacturers. These chandeliers, even though large, can give a minimum of light, since the purpose of security are not recommended twist lamp in excess of 60 watts. When power is higher in these chandelier cartridges literally burn. With carefully choose chandeliers for wet rooms.

Let them be better do not look very original, but they will be completely closed with weatherproof housing. One more thing: in the first place is better to choose chandeliers, which combine several functions simultaneously. Then the high price lamp will be justified. Do not forget that the chandelier is not just decoration – ceiling lamp must provide a certain level of illumination. Moreover, it is the quality of the generated light depends on the mood, the type of interior as a whole. Thus, in low light rooms always tends to sleep light, appears here as an incentive to relax. And that's too bright light, in contrast, annoying, and quickly tires. So look for a middle ground. And Good luck choice!