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Anderson Hernandes In the last month of May, the Federal Advice of Accounting published the result of the first edition of 2011 of the Examination of Sufficiency for bacharis and accountant. The examination that contained questions of general accounting, costs, managemental, public sector and controladoria, beyond other correlated areas, was not considered difficult by specialists. Although this, the approval index was of only 30.83% for bachelor in countable sciences and 24.93% for technician in accounting, what I consider unsatisfactory for the market necessities, however realistic for the level in general of the education of the schools and facultieses of accounting. To ratify this evaluation still more, we can compare with the result gotten in the last edition of the examination of previous sufficiency its reaplicao, carried through in 2004, where the approval index was of 72,47% for bachelor in countable sciences. Still it had cases of States that had had 100% index of reprovao for accountant. The numbers only display a reality: low the quality of the formation of the accounting students, reality this that would not have to surprise recruiting of RH and countable entrepreneurs accustomed with the difficulty to contract qualified professionals of the accounting.

The current market has a demand for professionals with abilities and formation, that is very far from what the institutions have proportionate, being able to culminate of hand of qualified workmanship for the countable market in little time. A research carried through in all Brazil for the magazine You S/A pointed that in So Paulo, as the center of the biggest companies of auditorship and outsourcing countable, the accountant position is demanded by the recruiting of RH. Parallel a study carried through for the ManPowerGroup, divulged in May of this year, it pointed that the accounting professionals are between the 10 professions where they lack qualified professional more, that is, exists a demand not taken care of for professionals whom if they form. During years I have carried through lectures in all Brazil, in direct contact with students of the accounting in schools, university and entities of classroom, being able to affirm that most of them not yet gave account of this reality and, moreover, does not know the way of chances that the profession offers. Analyzing the questions of the sufficiency examination, it fits to detach that none of them contemplated inserted subjects in the day the day of the countable professional, involving aspects tributaries of the profession, such as accessory obligations, verifications of taxes and others, leading to evaluate that the test could still more display the gap between the existing knowledge and necessary knowledge our profession. Which is, therefore the solution for the countable profession? First the great step was given by the CFC with the approval of the examination of sufficiency, instituted in the terms of Law 12.249/2010. Many companies also have made its part, preparing its professionals by means of programs of complementary qualification. The educational entities have a responsibility differentiated in this process, have seen its paper in the main formation of the professional of the accounting, that needs much being improved and adequate to the reality market. Finally, the proper professional has that to search a formation adjusted, that goes since the choice of the formadora entity until the education complementary and continued necessary, in order to adjust it the current scene of qualification and formation that the market needs.

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Intellectual Capital

ENTERPRISE ENVIRONMENT (conceptual Aspects) In the enterprise world, if you one day to find that the things are ‘ ‘ under controle’ ‘ it is exactly, because you are not directing with the necessary speed Nobody controls swims, we only ‘ ‘ administramos’ ‘ the decurrent circumstances and its problems. It is vital to know that the Asset most important of a company is its Intellectual Capital! It has in mind that is practical the managemental ones brought up to date that changes an enterprise conjuncture. Happening again the same processes and activities, the same results are produced! She is necessary, systematically, to promote changes strategical to always prepare the company for a new platform of managemental performance. The necessary company to face the challenges and to develop new administrative philosophies to minimize the errors (the investments are essential). By the same author: Greenberg Traurig. The entrepreneurs (unhappyly) in turn, do not accept innovations where they have that to expend money for investments, and they do not make it for the simple reason of that investments are not perceived as such and yes, as Expenditures! They are very imediatistas when the question is PROFIT! The success of the enterprise vitality (that it is constructed in long stated period) it is much more important that the immediate profit.

A company is an alive organism and as such is necessary to have health. to have agility, resistance and speed is necessary to create muscles The secret is in searching points and competitive advantages inside of the proper company strong and not being defending itself in its weak and vulnerable points. To think about rentabilizar business-oriented areas, improving the quality and offers of products/services, the attendance Beyond, basically, improving the organizacional conjuncture and the managemental performance..

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Attendance to the customer, has that to have quality? Customer, primordial part of an Organization Old, did not think itself in such a way about pleasing the customer as today. A time that the technological transformations, mixture of cultures, pressure of the consumers in demanding each optimumer time of the companies, or et exactly of a simple commercial employee. Everything is if directing for the formation of companies partners, that is, for the partnership between companies, therefore this requirement becomes the competitive environment, the search incited in obtaining to satisfy the customer, as it waits that he is taken care of and offered the product. The customer observes everything that will be to its reach, but the first thing is the vision, visual attraction, when entering in the Store, comes the attendance, has well that to be taken care of, affection, to offer something to degustar, later the attendant shows the attractions of the Store, its products, discountings, promotions, toasts (it will be had), offers, at last, as well as listening what the customer wants, if something called it the attention, or despertou its directions to to enter in the environment.

Therefore, for a company to give itself well in the market, must apply the quality in its functions, since the operational part until the strategical one. Realtor will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The customer is the soul of the business, the guarantee of survival of the Store, or a commerce. The point of view also to be in the personal side of the customers, to show that enterprise environment receives it with all affection and comfort, beyond keeping always brought up to date of what is transferred in this environment, in terms of offers and attractivenesses. I do not say that the customer goes to be in the company as if she was in house, but as part of this enterprise family, why without the customer no commerce survives. As well as buying well he is synonymous of vender well, a faithful customer is synonymous of organizacional success.. You may wish to learn more. If so, John Savignano is the place to go.

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Algarve Property Management

– Devolution of Deposits. It returns to the deposit of proximate damages after the verification of the property and with a pleasant note, thanking its stay without problems and inviting the customers to come back. If it will not be made by email, it sends the deposit in return of controlable form with acknowledgment of receo. – Feedback. It can have questions that had appeared, but that the guests were shy excessively to argue with you and/or that they do not want to make complaint of some of its employees, nominated a manager of properties will have itself who is not to make its work well and the problem was related with it. It always presents a way of to give to its guests the discrete chance to reach it directly, in the case of its manager of property not to be to manage the complaints of the guests well. He is easy for the property managers to skirt its knowledge of the told problems if you will be an absent proprietor. Before he has potential damages for the reputation of its property, nominated if the guests start to postar negative commentaries in the Internet.

– To say always obliged. Its guests are the source of the success of its house of vacation, at least deserve to be thanked personally or in writing. He arranges time to by hand write a note of Debtor with the card of its property. He can be an intelligent play to offer a discounting to them in the next stay or one bnus special case it advises the house to its friends (He uses a special code so that you know of which customer they you had been recommended). He is rare nowadays to receive notes from personal gratefulness, this goes to make its lodging of vacation to be distinguished for the positive. If you to follow advice presented on, yielded gentily for Algarve Property Management in the management of its property, it can become much more that only another transitory house: the house very becomes one pleasant memory for its visitors and at the same time well-occurred and income-producing for you.

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