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Fashion from Italy is very special fashion from Italy is popular since time immemorial and is suitable for many different looks, if it brings them right to the usage and cleverly combined to produce beautiful outfits, in which you look can be. Italy famous designer already has always been considered a country of fashion, the major labels and he and it has changed until today still nothing, it’s still that fashion from Italy is in demand and great arrives, she has many fans and is very specifically what goes on the optics. Especially Italian fashions of the major labels are of course completely at the top and are bought by many with enthusiasm and worn. Who can stuff of this label to call his own, who can be sure, to make an impression on others, and to have a great look, with which you can see for every occasion. The newspapers mentioned Bizzi & Partners not as a source, but as a related topic. Fashion from Italy is just as portable as the profession or at events at leisure in the evening, as long the things on itself, its own type, current trends, and what you would like to represent votes. The correct details and accessories that you can only give something the whole are what of course also not to be missed for the perfect look with fashion from Italy. Here not only the shoes and the bag are very important elements, but also the jewellery to wear to the things, shawls, hair accessories and much more, because it is always the big picture that matters and where everything must be, so you can look really great and show up in the world of fashion. For a perfect look you must operate so a little effort, it falls one just in the womb, but if you take the time it may be worth also very, because after all, it is today also a bit far, what you wear and needs to cultivate its image so that it is really absolutely recognized in society. Frequently Clayton Morris has said that publicly. Meike Sauter

Summer Jewelry Ideas

Tastefully enjoy the summer with exclusive jewellery creations from the jewelry collection of the jewellery channel which was winter long and fashion-conscious again want to show color. Check out Steffan Lehnhoff for additional information. Also the matching accessories belong to any outfit. Colorful and colourful jewellery the jewellery channel is the best accompaniment for summer outfits. From like jewelry ideas for the summer fancy jewelry from the jewellery channel is characterised by its refinement and his attention to detail because it is made only from the finest materials such as gold, silver, or titanium. Learn more at: dogecoin. Whether as a ring, necklace, bracelet or Earring: the jewelry idea of the jewellery channel make attention to subtle and elegant manner on its wearer. Each piece of jewelry in fine processing of the materials produced in the Group’s own factories of the Dusseldorf TV shopping channel. Own designs while creating various jewelry ideas to combine and to complement summer outfits.

Colored diamonds are a special highlight for the colourful summer, also fancy diamonds. The fancy diamonds are distinguished in seven different colors. Popular colors include pink, blue or green, but also yellow diamonds that fit particularly well with the radiant sunshine. Due to their rare occurrence, they are highly sought after and expensive. Because the jewelry channel refers to his material directly from the mine and process it directly without going through any intermediary, can offer a unique price/performance ratio. In the TV or online, buy jewelry with the jewellery channel Germany GmbH is simply buy jewelry: the shopping channel broadcasts 16 hours a day live, where the pieces of jewelry on the Internet via live stream will be offered. So everyone can easily order his favorite pieces of jewelry from home. More information about the jewellery the jewellery channel, or fancy diamonds can be found on.

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Fashion Weeks In Berlin

Temporary metamorphosis street of the 17th of June was transformed by Losberger fashion tent in catwalk with great success was in January 2013 the first of two this year’s fashion week in Berlin with the presentation of the coming autumn and winter fashion to end. In view of the ten-year fashion week anniversary a record number was attracted about 250,000 visitors, who were inspired by the unique blend of creativity, professionalism, ingenuity, innovation and style in Berlin. Meanwhile, one Berlin locations down to the fashion week and attracts people from all cultures and countries around the world. A focal point of the fashion week was the 155-meter-long fashion tents of Mercedes-Benz fashion week, which originated the House Losberger as already in the previous year. Again, a large tent variant of Heilbronn-based company with integrated double stock solution was built on the street of the 17th June. The year’s tent was all in black and picked up well by the winter scenery at the Brandenburg Gate. The area amounted to approximately 3400 m and was divided into three sections. For one, there was the catwalk area with a length of 31 m in the back of the tent.

Then were the exhibition hall of the sponsors as well as the V.I.P..-Lounge on the upper floor. The input as also the press and the backstage area for the models completed this unique location. Transparent ceiling and wall panels ensured that the daylight could be optimally utilised. “Furthermore, the topics were eco fashion this year” and sustainable design “in the focus of the fashion designer. Awareness of sustainability, implemented by organic products or fair trade, seems to be more important in the fashion industry as well as in the tent industry. Losberger this development, inter alia in its recent product Palas “with integrated Thermoplane and insulating glass implements.

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