– Education: attend the first cycle of ESO 2U and from there to reach Child. – Location of the family home: less than 30 kms or more. Pathology: chronic, acute + – Attitude familiar: whether or not favorable to the intervention. Then set in place the means to accomplish this action: notify the family be linked to the home center, open file information, coordinated with the teachers to advise families about the educational process that will take out with their children, etc.. The novelty of the action that takes place in the Principality of Asturias lies in the carers of pupils in primary education and infant and those who attend secondary school students. While in the first situation the children are cared for by volunteers from the Junior Red Cross, with priority from higher cycles of primary education up to the Child, in the second case the students are attended by professors assigned to the Program for Hospital Classrooms with itinerant nature, consisting of two teachers of Secondary Education COPE, moving up to the respective addresses of the students, giving priority to those who are of secondary education and, if circumstances permit, to support high school students who enroll or Intermediate Vocational Training and Higher. The number of hours devoted to each of these students will be 9 weekly. In the event that there was no demand for this intervention provides an alternate schedule for this teacher, who will take their time in developing curriculum adaptations, equipment or other related tasks previously appointed the head of the Home Care Program.