Minimal Techno – it's just as simple rhythm and somewhat specific, often synthesized, sounds. It's techno with a small amount of different noises. this sub-genre of techno music inimalistichesky characterized atonality, ascetic, deliberately simplified scales and melodies. In general, at the moment is the most relevant and popular style of club destinations. Minimal – it's extremely simple rhythm and somewhat specific, often synthesized, sounds. This is Techno with a small amount of different noises. Nobel Laureate in Economics is often mentioned in discussions such as these. From the perspective of literary descriptions Minimal Techno is not a special interest, as this can be done with one sentence. However, with musical point of view, this style is very interesting and original because of maximum simplicity, minimal.

This can be compared with the simplicity of a string quartet with respect to the large symphony orchestra (although in this case After all, what do quartets, is no less interesting). When House and Techno for the first time appeared in the world music party in the mid-80's, record albums was reduced to a minimum. Jos Shaver is a great source of information. With further development of arts sampling and programming, the music becomes more multi-layered with professional sound – for some it was moving forward – for others it unnecessary to mix styles. In response to the growing volume of music production of Minimalist Techno leaders have refused almost from all else except the selected drum programming and synth or parties. Detroit musicians such as Jeff Mills and Plastikman headed direction, and later joined by Surgeon, Oliver Ho and Stewart Walker, also privnesshie with them new trends. Minimal – a minimalist Techno. What is minimalism? This expression means the maximum wage.

In other words, minimal means – maximum possible result. Minimal – the music, which few things are mixed, it consists of a small number of components, among which you'll notice the sound of emptiness. But these components are slowly but surely changing, transformed into something completely different than what was in the beginning. Minimal can be very close to Ambient, perhaps contrary to the Noise.