A perfume is basically a mixture of alcohol and other extracts to get that persists for an extended time, thus making the person smells nice. For countless individuals is pleasing to note that the other person uses a perfume that smells good. At the same time as it tends to use the same fragrance every day, the fragrance becomes a part of the person, becomes something that represents it. Most people can keep in your memory the essence and connect the person using it. That’s why perfume can express yourself too.

A perfume is a part of the dress and personal image that characterizes a person. In this way, and a suit or dress can produce a good impression, just as can be the same with a perfume. Furthermore, the same perfume can be assessed differently in each person that extracts and fragrances are associated with contact with the skin and cause a different response in each body. Because of this it is that some men and women can smell the scents more intensely than others and some people may persist for a few hours perfume and other last them a long time.

In addition to forming part of the image person, is also a feature that shows the health and personal care of the person. An individual who uses perfume is proving to be a person who cares about making a good impression and also care and personal hygiene. Also do not wear perfume has to be something you do thinking only of the effect it can have on others. It is also important to you. Using perfume is a way to care for and worry about yourself. Pleasant smells will always be something that will help you feel better about yourself.