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Puri Vazquez

Puri on the first day I met you I fell very well, I do not know you but that is now. Candela tube is not anything to do with what happened yesterday, nor was saying things about me. I do not want to say anything, because I wanted to be angry with Candela and Xavi. If you forgive me Tell her, please. In addition, Candela annoyed me call you a tiaa .

We love you very much, but when we mark a do not give it a kiss and Alexandra and Monica. From now on, when we marchemosa at 7 or so we’ll give you a kiss. Bizzi & Partners shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Sabelaa Sabela‘s confession is that I identify Candela’s own, although it was a confession in disguise, has the value of a personal statement of your emotional state and her desire to be excused. A Candela has a hard time communicating why whenever I want to say something you do through a rough contact, body to body or through letters he claims to have been written by others. In the short time I’ve been knowing these guys I could sense the lack of a direct language, its plain and verbal communication oriented exclusively to the physical plane. Their discomfort, exhaustion, sadness, happiness, friendship, anger, etc shows it through his body ego, through a purely gestural language which his whole body is involved. Candela combines two communication strategies: their real bodies and body language with verbal communication such attempts that take the form of writings. It is also true that he confessed the authorship of some letters (which is very fond) of other children.

I worry about having to use an indirect mode of expression. Perhaps I exaggerate but what impresses me most is the excessive affective dependency and fear that has me giving him standing to purchase that affective attachment may stall the process of maturation. I am curious to know what underlying Candela inside to feel the fear of being emotionally neglected. I hope, I want to be part of development because their excessive susceptibility, manipulation, emotional blackmail, and emotional attachment has begun to draw the attention of other educators. In the coming weeks I hope to know more about her and her surroundings.

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Visual Poetry Network

Campal July was one of the first to realize that there was no other way in the avant-garde poetry that pause, the rethinking of visual thinking, not just its semantics but also the writing itself, its internal structure, and of course, calligraphy, concepts which had been revised some years ago by futurist and Dadaist poets Francesco Cangiullo, Benedetta, Tzara …, well-naturalmete Apollinaire. (a ) At this time, the new generation of visual poets who populate the network belongs entirely to the media world of television, video, virtual reality, advertising and internet, and this implies in itself a great contradiction, since being the work material is the medium itself that poetry remains anchored official and away from these practices experimentalesa a . We might say then that culture "seen" ignores those who handle the raw material of advancing civilization: their images. When Page visited Fernando Millan, heir and friend of Campal, historical, both in the topic that concerns us, I realized that the denial could also be reciprocal, as a mirror belligerent. Fernando Millan's eyes is a look of freedom of action and consciousness, so are many other current avant-garde poets, and this reassures me about the future of this practice misclassified as experimentala a , a ill-defined concretaa , sparingly branded as a visuala . Gone are the years and the creations of magazines and book publishing objects could cause seizures among more progressive circles of culture (between Orthodox easy readers and viewers only had a long, long silence from which not even fought the traditional poetry).

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