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Federal Health Ministry

30,000 Legion Ellen infections and 4,500 deaths a year in Germany In Bavaria’s drinking water are regularly proven Legionella. This will be no different in all over Germany, also in the neighbouring Baden-Wurttemberg. There is no technical rules for filtering and/or killing of Legionella in drinking water treatment. The rules for the Elimination of Legionella in building water networks are wrong or inadequate. The thermal disinfection required in the technical rules and/or irradiation with ultraviolet light (UV radiation) are not sustainable or not effective.

The solution lies in the ultra-filtration of drinking water already in the water for about a half euro per person per month and the subsequent disinfection of drinking water in public and private networks with harmless chlorine dioxide, whose content in the water build up a deposit and get online therefore be controlled must and can. Previously, the water networks, rinse procedure of Biofilms are to liberate and rebuild if necessary. The German Association of gas and water compartment DVGW e.V., TWK drinking water Commission and the Federal Environment Agency UBA are urged not only to let the water supply companies and to adapt their technical rules. The irresponsible high Legion Ellen numbers tolerated currently in drinking water are scientifically unfounded. You meet only the agreement of the mentioned parties, although according to the UBA already a legion Elle is sufficient to raise a legion Ellen infection. The German environment and health initiative Dan e.V.

Center accused the German Association of gas and water DVGW e.V., the German drinking water Commission TWK of the Federal Health Ministry at the Federal Environment Agency UBA and the UBA itself because of aid for the supply of drinking water already last year with Legionella bacteria through the water supply business as a result of incorrect or insufficient regulation in water supply for drinking water treatment to the Elimination of Legionella and incorrect or inadequate regulations for combating Legionella in networks of private and public buildings as Hospitals or nursing homes. The legionnaire’s disease is triggered regularly drinking water droplets for example when taking a shower. The person to person eliminated transmission. Legionella bacteria cause severe lung inflammation in all 7 cases resulting in death. Eligible offences in the Penal Code: 222 manslaughter, section 223 bodily injury, 224 dangerous bodily injury, 227 bodily injury resulting in death and section 229 negligent bodily injury. Eligible offences from the infection Protection Act and the potable water regulation: who intentionally or negligently contrary to 4 paragraph 2 or article 11 paragraph 3 of the drinking water Ordinance emits water as water intended for human consumption the allowed or zulassbaren exceptions, as entrepreneurs or any other holder of a water supply system for human use, as far as this water to the public is provided, or puts other availablethat is with Imprisonment up to two years or punished with fines. The culprit in these cases is due to negligence, the penalty is imprisonment up to one year or a fine. In drinking water pathogens may not be included, that allow to get any damage to human health.

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Housing Moving Speech

Review of the demo against rental madness and vacancy in Hamburg at the weekend nearly 6,000 marched against housing and financial, in Hamburg. The protest move by the District St. Pauli moved under the motto rental madness stop”to Ottensen (source: Abendblatt.de) (ddp tp) also the Hamburger homeless Max Bryan had come to the demo and what he had to say, went under the skin. A woman holds a microphone in front of the mouth the homeless on the sound truck and Max begins to tell. From the life on the road, the emergency and the hopelessness he experienced for 18 months. If you will so often overlooked, you rear stand, and at the end but just lose, then that consumes you, it wears down and it makes you small”, reported the visibly exhausted Max Bryan and more than 1000 people listened to him. Nearly 100 organizations had called for the big demo on the Millerntorplatz in St.

Pauli and thousands had come to demonstrate against the Hamburg rental madness”to. It’s going to vacancy and rental ceiling, to equality and While people on the street in the winter freeze to death socialization of housing and also to 1.4 million square meters of office space that sit unused vacant. mietenwahnsinn.rechtaufstadt.NET/start already a year ago had the Alliance of activists, associations and civil rights activists against the empty policy “of the Hamburg Senate protested, but a fundamental change of course had not taken place so far, it says right on city in the press statement of the lead Organizer”, an Alliance that for equal rights and participation in the urban design inserts and regardless of social or national affiliation. Hamburg needs more parity. People who are affected by poverty and homelessness, have to Miss hardly any chances of the downward spiral. For them, it is increasingly difficult to find a suitable reintegration.

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