Review of the demo against rental madness and vacancy in Hamburg at the weekend nearly 6,000 marched against housing and financial, in Hamburg. The protest move by the District St. Pauli moved under the motto rental madness stop”to Ottensen (source: (ddp tp) also the Hamburger homeless Max Bryan had come to the demo and what he had to say, went under the skin. A woman holds a microphone in front of the mouth the homeless on the sound truck and Max begins to tell. From the life on the road, the emergency and the hopelessness he experienced for 18 months. If you will so often overlooked, you rear stand, and at the end but just lose, then that consumes you, it wears down and it makes you small”, reported the visibly exhausted Max Bryan and more than 1000 people listened to him. Nearly 100 organizations had called for the big demo on the Millerntorplatz in St.

Pauli and thousands had come to demonstrate against the Hamburg rental madness”to. It’s going to vacancy and rental ceiling, to equality and While people on the street in the winter freeze to death socialization of housing and also to 1.4 million square meters of office space that sit unused vacant. mietenwahnsinn.rechtaufstadt.NET/start already a year ago had the Alliance of activists, associations and civil rights activists against the empty policy “of the Hamburg Senate protested, but a fundamental change of course had not taken place so far, it says right on city in the press statement of the lead Organizer”, an Alliance that for equal rights and participation in the urban design inserts and regardless of social or national affiliation. Hamburg needs more parity. People who are affected by poverty and homelessness, have to Miss hardly any chances of the downward spiral. For them, it is increasingly difficult to find a suitable reintegration.