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There are popular sayings that support the theory that there are things that exceed the logical and rational explanation. And that it depends on us to believe them and to have faith in them or no. For example, can be measured to what extent a human being is owner of his own life and its decision to die or to live? , Resemblance even enunciated, nothing else, the doubts of my desire to think that the human being has a condominium of his life shared with his own Destiny, God, or the life and the death, like two faces of the same currency. But, it had made of people very close friends who demonstrated to me and that they seeded more fort to me, still, the doubt that the will of the spirit, of the soul, or of the interior of a human being, it can delay, perhaps, the date of an announced death. Learn more about this with The Related Companies. Against terminal diseases that in some diagnoses until have the brazenness to put date of victory to the human existence that the porthole. My father era of character very hard. And he knew myself able to dominate many things that him they would present/display.

Hand with the inflation was moderate by hand, the desperation to pay the rent and that with two works did not reach, with the addiction to the tobacco, and it left victorious. To the alcohol it always had it to ray, and until it fought hand-to-hand, with a bull of five hundred kilos as it were the dialysis, until their heart and its years said is enough. One put many goals throughout its life and it fulfilled one by one, the great majority. And one took leave with a sample book than its force of will was able. The last one was, I did not live as much not to see the change of century.

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Surely more in one go you have listened to the term construction of wealth. For assistance, try visiting Greenberg Traurig. Probably when doing you have asked yourself it, perhaps but what are saying, the wealth can be constructed as to a furniture or a house is constructed? Then although it seems incredible, thus is in fact: the wealth is constructed, and to do it is necessary to put in practice a series of exercises that must practice with the greater certainty. Everything what we do in our life we do it we have learned because it, perhaps we do not have much brings back to consciousness of it because now us it is made too easy to do it, but we make an exercise of abstraction and we tried to remember how it went that we learned to make tal o cual thing, probably we will see that the learning was not simple. The things that better we know to do are the things that better we learned, still more, they are the things in which we put major persistence in learning. Then we must construct wealth is something that can be learned. In order to be able to construct to a furniture or a house it is necessary to have internalised the knowledge concerning the subject, but, mainly, it is necessary to have dedicated to it with certainty and approach. If we want to construct wealth, that is what we must do, IS ONLY QUESTION TO LEARN. However, before at least decidirte to enfrascarte in a project of construction of wealth, you must know very clearly the reasons for which you want to do it. This it is your first step: YOU WANT TO BE RICO, perfect, but why? You must preguntarte seriously if you persecute the wealth in himself or what you persecute are determined goals that you will be able to reach once obtained the economic well-being.

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Being important east done, ours springboard of entrance in the new cycle would have to be crucial, and would be interesting to plan with certain ceremony the countable closing of year 2,009 so that our expensive image to third parties, indicates with clarity (and maximizing our virtues), where we are and who we are, that is to say . .nuestro potential. I create and I recommend that they would have to be three, the secrets of the countable closing of the 2.009: 1) Like saving/to defer taxes from this year? 2) perhaps like already from the last year, the countable closing stops being a pure proceeding and passes to be our business card . Learn more on the subject from John Savignano. To improve to the maximum our financial image, before third parties (Banks, Suppliers, insuring Companies of the credit, Clients and Market generally) 3) To confirm our evolution in the Long Term, of the Strategic Plan that we have noticeable, budgeting a forceful action of elimination of costs for 2,010 and volumes of business in agreement with the desirable thing. He is basic to puntear a list of concepts that can help it us, for example . 1) We have paid dividends that up to 1,500 Euros do not suppose rent in the receiver of this quantity? 2) We have amortized from an accounting point of view, to the maximum of tables (including methods like the one of digits), and if we have not done it from an accounting point of view if we have calculated the temporarias differences fiscally? 3) We have verified the latent dilatoriness in our balance, and its possible repercussions in the account of losses and gains? 4) We have carried out the annual TDV (Test deterioration of the value) to validate our current and noncurrent assets? 5) Following the criterion of leasing, (in the goods financed by this means) we have duplicated or tripled the tables of amortization of Property? 6) In the case of SMEs, the purchase of noncurrent assets, inferiors to 600 Euros (IVA including we have directly sent) them to expenses, with maximum of 12 thousand annual Euros? 7) We consider that the Social Security of December and some other concepts (that will come to us in January), we can impute its cost within year 2.009? 8) We are going to pay to Bonus to the personnel or payment of productivity? ..

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English Galgo

Galgo English, perhaps or Greyhound, is known all the galgos and the most used in the diverse activities in which these dogs of hunting are used. This galgo is the king of the races of galgos and the hunting of hares, both controversial activities that have many those in favor and many detractors. The great popularity of this dog enters the fans the galgos comes to him from its incredible speed. This dog, that can reach the 65 Km/hora is the third terrestrial animal more express of the world, being only surpassed by the Chita and the horse of races. It is not to be strange, then, that is the dog of election for all the activities in which speed is needed. This dog has a great one raised, being able to reach the 76 centimeters to the cross, and is very thin. Its body follows a design aerodynamic that allows him to reach great speeds. The chest is sufficiently deep like lodging a heart very great, necessary to pump great amounts of blood oxygenated during intense races.

The tail serves the dog to him to maneuver indeed when it reaches great speeds. Personality galgo English is a very amiable and sweet dog, but it somewhat tends to be reserved and independent. He is an excellent companion for respectful children of the animal, but it does not support the robust games of very small children well. For that reason, he is not recommendable for families with very small children. In order to avoid that very it is reserved with the strangers, he is recommendable to socialize it since it is very puppy. Even so, never it will get to be as sociable as a farmer or a Golden Delicious ones retriever. In spite of its good size, it is not a useful dog for the workings of guard and defense since it does not have a territorial instinct very developed. Its instinct of prey, on the other hand, is very intense it takes and it to hunt almost any small thing that moves quickly.

For that reason, it can be problematic if in the house exist other mascots, including dogs of small races. By general norm, galgo English takes well with other dogs, but by its fort hunting impulse it can persecute and attack dogs d small races. Taken care of galgo English it is susceptible to the typical diseases of the galgos and the great dogs generally, reason why it is necessary to make him veterinary revisions periodic (annual if the dog is healthy). The most frequent diseases in this race are: gastric torsion, progressive atrophy of retina, dysfunctions of the thyroid gland and hypersensitivity to anesthetic. These dogs need to make much exercise, physical as as much mental, to stay in form. It is necessary to count on a great garden to be able to have galgo English. Or better still, to live in a house in the field, where the dog has more possibilities of running with certain freedom and of expressing its instincts. The short coat of galgo English almost does not need well-taken care of staying. The cepillado one to regulate is more than sufficient to maintain it in form, and it does not need to be very frequent. Original author and source of the article.


Recently I wrote an article ( As to stop worrying ) giving you rule that they helped us to surpass certain preoccupations. I have had answers of readers to whom there is very useful similarity to them, but also have received commentaries of which although they are thankful to have been able to relax a little, feel overflowed by the problems; real, tangible and defined problems: economic, labor I sentimental, among others. I understand that you rule given in that one article had two intentions: that we could differentiate preoccupations from problems, and that we were able to adopt the best attitude possible to face both. It seems to me that it had been good also, to mention something that served as aid to see other options at the time of finding an exit. To see if I can amend my error. Unfortunately, I do not have a magical baryta to solve problems, and it is not my intention to try that I have the answer for everything. But it would want to shed light on an aspect that seems to me that the sufficient thing is not mentioned, and is the fear.

I see that the fear is the most common factor at the time of not being able to create the life that we would like to have. When one undergoes an unfortunate marriage during years, the reason behind all the reasons that are adduced not to separate is the fear. Fear to the reaction of the other person, fear to what will say, fear to that it makes worse the economic situation, fear to emotional consequences for the children, to remain the list is only interminable. The same happens when we followed in a work that does poor devils to us. We are scared to leave something has certain security, or certain social, labor or economic status, and not to possibly find anything better.

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Recreational Society Retirement

Parades that are a true exhibition of aesthetic and artistic creativity; pens, outlandish maquillaje, fantastic models, rich clothes, unreal scenes in the platforms; great equipment of sound with the maximum power; original choreographies of comparsas. Really, light, color, rate, fantasy All a celebration for the senses. This is the Carnival of Sitges. The Carnival is a centennial tradition in which not only all the town goes out funny, but also many Barcelonan and tourists worldwide, since during the carnival in the streets it reigns a world of fantasy and diversion. During these days the town becomes a many-colored full theater of joy. From the 3 to the 9 of March, ” Carnestoltes” and ” King of the Sinvergenzas” they will have the power of the town of Sitges along with Reina of the Carnival, and all the events and events of the locality will fill of color and the best festive atmosphere.

The first great event of the Carnival is the election of infantile queen i great the fifth carnavalero. First Prado Suburense carries out itself in the Casino, and the second in the Recreational Society Retirement. They arrive ” Carnestoltes” and the queen of the carnival the same Thursday lardo. Once finalized, their Majesty and his retinue go towards the City council, from which they say words to all the assistants with the reading of ” predicot” (satirical speech). This same day at night, is traditional to do in the Retirement, the Prado or in the Agrupaci de Balls Populars, them ” xatonades”. Aljate in Sitges during these days: it rents to an apartment in Sitges center and enjoys the best thing of the town. Sunday is a key day in the Carnival of Sitges, since ra of the Disbauxa takes place, with 50 floats and than 3,000 participants more disguised crossing the center of the town.

But, without a doubt, the most outstanding day is Tuesday, in which the Rua leaves the Extermini with the same route and with a greater number of visitors than it comes to enjoy this celebration: much people of Barcelona and other localities go to the celebration nocturnal, since the Carnival of Sitges is one of most famous in the Catalan community. Therefore, if you are young and you want to see the atmosphere of this celebration and to enjoy one night of diversion, you do not doubt in choosing the night of Tuesday. In the evening, the celebration reserve to the children, who leave disguised by the street. Friday of Carnival, ” Carnestoltes” , Reina and its retinue make a visit to the institutions of the town, including the schools, and on the following day, Saturday, there is a very glad atmosphere, with music by all the streets and activities for smallest Finally, Wednesday of ash finishes the Carnival and the burial of the Carnestoltes is celebrated. The inhabitants of Sitges it can accompany to him and his retinue until the place by the Burial where she comes herself to the reading of his testament. There are other acts that become and that appear in the definitive programming, days before the celebration. He consults the following page if he has doubts: Carnival of Sitges.

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