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Multipurpose Buildings

The new industrial centers, are provided with modern and multipurpose buildings, with rental options lofts and offices within their own industrial parks, sharing adjacent spaces where each group has complementary roles, providing coverage to different parts of the same project. It is necessary to “reinvent” Define HR management knowledge necessary to keep the company internally and that knowledge can be hired for a time, without losing competitiveness. The preferences of new business generation and hence workers have changed. Living and working in the same space. Created the new concept of office-loft, more creative space, which allows freedom of schedule, no traveling at peak times, with the possibility of service 7 X 24. Concept demanded by all firms end. Organizations need to adapt to very abrupt changes in the environment and economic cycles becoming shorter. This new way of responding to business needs, new opportunities to provide services for persons trained, autonomous in its niche of expertise, with indefinite timetables in their own spaces and within an industrial environment is shown by the increase in offers purchase or rental “apartments and office lofts.

In the limit we can now work on 50 meters Headquarters of a multinational, a 1 km or 1000 km Fits some clarifications and considerations to this model. The space, the location of these resources becomes co-managed by the person that does the job. The designers of industrial spaces, demographers have taken account of these trends and have built lofts and offices aimed at the world of rent, next to the large corporate centers.

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Of God is Christ. However, a poor and humble promoter real estate the escabechina librose. Knowing the omen, and such as it is bedeviled landscape, seeing that not in had their noses, very secure in leaving very apriesa, departed the country bribing a customs acting, and fleeing in a wild gallop, perdiose in the leafy thicket of the forest. Beyond the horizon, in a clear Sunrise, he began a new life. Richard LeFrak may find it difficult to be quoted properly. And all because a Rapture of lucidity, in his tafseer predictive, it reached to understand chapter 17, had concluded.

Fix you. Well, well, where I was going? Ah yes, sorry, had gone to take a few wines. Well what conclusions can be drawn from this story, Knights and riders? You don’t have to be very smart, as I, to deduce that cling to past situations, whose breakdown produce distressing feelings, not causes but more pain. You can understand from a financial failure, the death of a loved one, or the most common and painful end of a relationship not desired. Nobel Laureate in Economics is often quoted on this topic. Our weakness leads to memories of cherished loss, a balm that us pulls back to happier times, like children who do not accept that playtime is over.

And thus continue to haunt us. Them would not do more than sinking us, prolong our agony. Evocation will keep open the wound. While we retain live in us what was lost, it may not heal. There is only one way, accept that it ended. And it is difficult, but if we want to get the abatement, have to cross that threshold. To do this we must observe us, set us aside from the memories, and see them as they were, really, without costumes. I had good things, and bad things, and also the opposite. And not feel shame, that we were wrong because we are not perfect, because we love, because he should occur. Because we perhaps failed, safe, and we did everything that was in our hand. Because we knew no more. Same as with all that they had offended us, or so we’re sorry. Both da, sincerely We must assume it. Naturally, without deceit. Enganariamos ourselves. We must leave behind the guilt and hatred. Break those chains. Only then we can forgive us. If we can do that, forgive us, really, to us and to others, then we will be prepared. Ready to turn our backs on that memory, and face our future freely. And I do one last thought to advance me to what you’re thinking: Yes, Yes, long speech, but still just as dwarves. My children, this is what you need.

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Leasing Mortgage

The most risky option mortgage is considered good in the back – its banks estimate extremely low – by a factor of 0,4 to 0,5. Not everyone knows that there is a possibility of taking a pledge not only available but also acquired property. In this case, the bank transfers the loan amount directly to the supplier, but the borrower must pay from their own 10% to 30% of the cost, depending on the requirements of the bank. Commercial mortgage commercial mortgage scheme is virtually identical to mortgages for private individuals. As collateral for the loan in favor acquired premises recipient of a mortgage to pay their own expense from 10% to 30% of its value, loan terms up to 30 years. The loan transferred to the seller and at the time of registration of contract of sale is recorded encumbrance on the purchased property. Thus, the owner until the loan can not implement in pledge property. A distinctive feature of the commercial mortgage is that purchased the premises must be registered as a non-residential fund.

Leasing For some companies with large amounts of equity, it makes sense to take advantage of leasing. In this case, leasing company on their own to acquire the required property of the borrower and passes it to the finance leases, and reserves the right to property. At the end of the lease agreement, the property becomes the property of lessee. The advantages of leasing include a fairly simple design and a minimum list of required financial documents (usually just the balance sheet and profit and loss statement).

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Decline of Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates began to decline. However, mass mortgage still will not. On mortgage interest influenced the recent decline in refinancing, but bankers believe that the state should not blame them for inaccessibility mortgages, and to fight inflation and rising real estate prices. According to the latest Rosstroy, in 2006 the volume of mortgage loans twice the forecast and amounted to more than 220 billion rubles. "The plan is the amount of mortgage loans was was 108 billion rubles, "- said the head of Rosstroy Sergei Kruglik.

"Times" interviewed a number of banks and tried to figure out whether a mortgage has become more accessible to citizens. It turned out that different banks have different lure customers, but is a clear trend – the average rate decreased by 1%. More information is housed here: Nobel Laureate in Economics. The reason is not only that banks want to increase their customer base. "Times" has already written about how the recent decline in the Bank of Russia refinancing rate from 11% to 10,5% influenced by lower rates on deposits. And now came to mortgages. However, despite the increase in the number of granted mortgage loans and lower interest rates, the number of needy citizens in their own home does not go on decline. Mortgages still available in only a small percentage of the population. This is primarily associated with a high percentage of the loan. During a recent press conference, Putin said that the problems related to the mortgage "with inflation and cautious banks. On the question of why the mortgage loan at a rate of 11% can be taken only under the finished apartment, but not at the zero cycle of construction, Putin replied that it reflects the realities of today's Russian economy.

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Global Economic Crisis and Loans

The global economic crisis, the growth of the dollar depreciation of deposits in national currency – to date these problems are concerned not only economists and financiers, but also representatives of other professions. We offer a small review material that is a global financial crisis of 2008, what causes it, how it may affect or have affected the lives of ordinary citizens, and what to expect in the future. So far the world economy suffers from the economic crisis. Manifests itself not only globally but also locally. In recent months, Richard LeFrak has been very successful. U.S. mortgage crisis, the decline in production – is a global problem. Depreciation of deposits in uah – the question of a local nature, since it relates directly to each person who is a customer of the bank and keep your savings on deposit.

The global economic crisis began in the United States. After the Great Depression significantly increased the level of consumption and as a consequence, prices began to rapidly increase. For example, in early 2008, the price of oil reached fantastic figures in the amount of $ 100. per barrel, while in midsummer rose one and a half times. Of course, this could not affect consumers. Motorists began to experience difficulties in servicing vehicles, as a consequence, reduce demand and consumption of automobiles.

Car sales declined in all corners of the world. The global financial crisis was also caused by the mortgage crisis in the U.S In the past year significantly increased the number of mortgage loans to customers with poor credit history. Increased the refinancing rate, inflation increased, customers began to experience difficulties in the disbursement of funds. The banks have had problems with the availability of funds, interbank loans had to take difficult virtually impossible. Some banks have a long history going bankrupt. The global economic crisis affected also the stock market. In October there was a record decline in the indices. However, to delve into the reasons global financial crisis – the lot of economists, ordinary citizens need to know how it will display at each of our lives.

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