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Ukraine Housing

Furthermore, it should be prepared to ensure that service companies: water-supply, electrical and more attention will be given a large housing estate and then to you. It especially true in the case of liquidation of consequences of bad weather, etc. We have considered three options, which may interest the buyer: – new buildings – apartment b / a – house in the city. We stopped on the benefits of a type of housing. Emphasized their shortcomings.

For our part, we still would recommend to take advantage of the new buildings. Today, they combine a modern design, comfort and convenience. New today – it is a complex, which includes not only the house but also good access roads, playgrounds, shops and even a fitness center – centers. New buildings – this is a worthy contemporary citizen choice and this choice you will never disappointed. Good to know: In Russia, a long time – since 1991 – in effect a tax on personal property. Learn more at: Robert J. Shiller.

The rate ranges from 0.1 to 2% depending on the region and is charged with the cost of housing inventory, which in most cases several times lower than the market. And it is – one of the drawbacks of this tax. Given the fairly wide range of beneficiaries and low housing cost amount of property tax collections in Russia is very small. In addition, this tax does not help for one more very important task. Real estate tax can and should become a brake housing prices – which, because of its incredibly high price was simply unaffordable for the overwhelming majority of Russians. This is the conclusion of the presidential administration officials and the Russian government. It has recently become aware of their intention to introduce a property tax to replace property tax natural persons and the land tax, and would be way to deal with growth in housing prices. The size of the new tax rate has not been determined. It is not known, and then, on what method will be calculated market value of the property – and to this database tax plan switch. But the authorities have agreed to correction factors that reduce the tax burden on vulnerable citizens. Expected to introduce differentiated tax rates according to the social status of citizens and the occupied area. Increases the ratio of tax to impose and to the owners of several apartments that officials on a plan will make unprofitable acquisition of apartments in 'investment' purposes. In particular, it is expected to levy tax on a progressive scale for the second and third stories, but there will be a non-taxable minimum (we consider that each owner should not be taxed 27 square meters. accommodation plus 14 square. meters for each family member living with him). Thus, in Russia de facto existed before the property tax, but now the government wants to eliminate obvious flaws in it and most importantly – to target a new tax on Soaring housing prices. What happens in this respect in Ukraine? Or, perhaps, the citizens of Ukraine is not so acute housing problems? Read also about the prices of new buildings

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Ski Resorts Real Estate

The Italian region of Piedmont – a 53 ski resorts, 1,300 kilometers of slopes and 300 lifts, cable cars and ski lifts, capable of carrying more than 400,000 people per hour. The unspoiled natural environment, hundreds of valleys and villages, each of them with the history, art, culture and cuisine. All these various figures doing the Piedmont white galaxy. The region of Piedmont in the north of Italy and borders with Switzerland and France. Piedmont is a multiple ski resorts, where should I buy real estate.

Montagnedoc – an area that stretches over the valley of Val di Susa, (Susa Valley) and Pinerolo (Pinerolo) with the region of 1,500 km of slopes, surrounded by unique natural landscapes. Those who have a passion for winter sports Sports may choose various levels of ski slopes. All slopes are lighted at night, and there is snow trails for off-piste skiing and sightseeing. Sports enthusiasts can also practice cross-country skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, freeride, ski mountaineering, trekking on horseback, dog sledding with Siberian Huskies and heli-skiing. Montagnedoc offers the best of winter sports, as well as a relaxing enjoyable leisure time. There is an opportunity for open a local history, traditions, art and antique handicrafts, truly local gastronomy and wines. Sestriere, located at an altitude of 2.035 meters on the ridge with the same name, with a delightful view over the valley Chizone (Chisone) and Val di Susa (Susa Valley). This is the first truly modern Italian ski resort. It was created in 1937 by the Agnelli family, and is currently the most famous place for winter sports.

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The House From Timber

Wooden houses are traditional for suburban development. These homes are heated with no problems and long stay warm. At the same time, natural material makes them comfortable for living and environmentally friendly. There are different construction technology of wooden houses: from log, dressed lumber, and many others. But the house from timber is not for nothing are most popular. Shaped beam is the most popular material for suburban housing. With its two smooth sides, while placing a log house, and at the same time simulates the type of timber and stowed in a flat wall.

Natural fit between the rails seal on similarity – jute. Dignity profiled bar: an attractive price, the crown of each timber has a ridge and groove, which allows accurate and easy to put some rims on the past and prevent the formation of thermal bridges; Possess good strength and performance properties, in view of ease of construction possible to build a wooden house on the foundations of various types, hi-tech: the walls "breathe", thereby adjusting the atmosphere and humidity in the house, and thus forming a unique microclimate, being built for a short time: for example, a wooden house the size of 6×6 meters is being built only 10-15 days, a nice wood texture, treated with the two sides of beams, makes it possible to avoid subsequent finishing; Construction is one stage, under the shrinkage prudently retained the technological gaps. It is noteworthy that wooden houses are often erected with a loft or sesquialteral floor. But just as easily You can vary the layout of a terrace, porch or bay window. In addition, the technology of constructing such a wooden house in no way limits the ability to form different roofs. It can be pitched, with additional gables, broken and have a different design. Sometimes during the construction of roofs on the house from timber from the profiled bar used so-called "lights". They provide additional coverage attic and add entertaining appearance of a wooden house. Still want to mention that under the wooden houses are not rarely used columnar, tape and foundations, more commonly, pile-screw. It is this kind of foundation for the possibility to install on almost any terrain, the best correlates of self and efficiency, and reliability.

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Russian Mortgages

Thus, during this period (2000 – 1-st half of 2003) occurred rising cost of housing within 300%. In the summer of 2003 in Vologda, appeared first mortgage programs, which allowed borrow sufficiently large amounts (up to 70% of the purchase price) on the long term (20 years). Until this moment the credit market allows us to use only consumer credit, having a size limit in the range of 3-month income that was approximately 20% of the average cost of a one-room apartment. The emergence of significant money on the real estate market and increase the number of potential buyers, the cost of 1 sq. m. for the 2 nd half of 2003 has increased by 80%.

The sharp rise in prices symbolically stopped with 1 January 2004. Real estate market took 1.5 years to restore the purchasing power. During this period, there were significant changes: increased time an exhibition of objects up to 2 months, developers have begun to provide citizens with interest-free installments at a fixed price until the end of construction, the state has increased the attractiveness of mortgage lending for banks, buyers and sellers of housing. Formed competition among banks in the mortgage market led to lower interest rates, lower commissions when you make a loan cancellation mandatory notarization of the sale and purchase agreement with the mortgage transaction, extend credit, shorten processing the transaction. From 1 April 2005 entered into force on the Federal Law of 30 December 2004 214-FZ "On Participation in shared construction of apartment buildings and other real estate and on amending some legislative acts of the Russian Federation ", limit the supply in the primary market.

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Housing Committee

And the third area of work that I want to designate – is raising the prestige and the overall level of professionalism Realtors. Today, unfortunately, often do not pass the deal through, but in spite of the professional level of the agent. I would like to see employees of all self-respecting company is constantly mindful of the fact that they act primarily all in the interest of the client, think about maintaining the prestige of the profession and that successfully carried out, quality deal for them would be the best recommendation. I do not welcome the holding of deals just to generate income. Income – It is a consequence, the reward for a job well done by the deal, but first you need to think about helping people. But this does not exclude the possibility that the realtor must know the value of their work and be able to properly explain the cost services. I spend training for agents and teach them to respect themselves and their profession to be able to explain its importance to consumers, because many seem to understand the value of their work, but when dealing with a client and can not tushuyutsya explain what they are doing, why you need to contact the company and not to the particular agent, why not work with multiple companies simultaneously.

– And as a customer who is going to buy a home with the help of grants and asked in any company, to understand how skilled the agent is in front of him? – Frankly, the man who is not himself a specialist, it would be difficult to understand how knowledgeable agent. So we can only advised to focus on the authority of the company, interested in her experience, membership in the Employees' Union. In any company it happens that when a client comes to complex with specific issues, they are not answers immediately. This fully applies to the issues of subsidies, because the program complex, changing conditions, all cases are different. It is important that the agent has no ready answer, was someone to ask. Serious company which is constantly engaged in such matters, is a lawyer-practitioner, who can advise the agent.

Thus, in our company all the time treated with a variety of issues, and we have to be in the subject. We visit themed activities, ask for some clarification from the Housing Committee. We try and maintain the competence of staff, and provide answers to questions from citizens. Read more …

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Crimean Wooden Houses

Today, land in the foothills Crimea began to enjoy steady demand. For private construction of wooden houses are buying the most eco-friendly and scenic areas of the peninsula. As we know, most of them part came at the disposal of a large investment company. Ukrainian businessmen have launched in the Crimea active activities aimed at building the houses fachwerk "turnkey". Sale of timber houses built on technology fachwerk recently more and more popular in Ukraine.

Development of this area is associated with negative trends in the Crimean real estate market, particularly on the South Coast. Over the past three years the price of land in the Big Yalta and Alushta rose by more than two (!) Times. Today afford to buy private housing near the sea can only "a dollar millionaire", and the prospects for such an acquisition questionable. It's no secret that every year in the resort cities and their surroundings "falls" ecology. Therefore, the construction of houses made of wood growing in a cleaner and less "gold", as compared with the city, the foothills areas of Yalta and Alushta Bakhchisaray. Wooden half-timbered houses – it is home made on the basis of "light" wooden frame.

Such are built frame house quickly because they do not take time to "shrink". This is one factor for which investors prefer to invest in this promising line of development in Crimea. According to specialists, marketers purchase and sale of such real estate will enjoy popular with brokers and private individuals since 2009. However, today on the peninsula more often enter into contracts to purchase ready-made designs of wooden houses.

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Real Estate Agencies Bryansk

As a result, the realtor can not sell the property and simply shrug – "Well, not sold, I got to do with" disappointment and sorrow, real estate owners, and this lost time, loss of money. The fact that obzvanivaya everything real estate in Bryansk, you are just fooling them head to you without a contract for a good specialist will not work, he looketh not all your problems, issues, at best, write down your request, just in case. We will help you deal with the situation and explain what advantages you get from that sign an exclusive contract with the agent of Bryansk: 1. Your apartment, house, land, commercial property located in the Bryansk region and will be placed in a common information base "Center", which successfully works in real estate agencies in Bryansk in September 2008, 2. Your object Property will be placed on the best site Bryansk – Bryansk Real Estate – Real Estate Bryansk server, this site is in the first positions of Internet search engine Yandex, Google, Rambler on major search phrases: "real estate Bryansk "," apartments in Bryansk "," commercial real estate in Bryansk "," home in Bryansk "," land in Bryansk "and many others 3. Your property is automatically unloaded at leading Russian real estate websites: – – Nizhny Novgorod – – The Russian Guild of Realtors – – Moscow – – Moscow – – Peter – System Winner – Moscow 4. Each real estate agency Bryansk have a website or page on the internet and there also will be posted automatically your apartment, house or commercial property.

5. Real Estate Agencies Bryansk correctly will put your subject in print, hang a banner, hold a pasting. Will do anything to your real estate site find out how more customers. 6. Real Estate Agencies Bryansk prompt how to prepare the facility for inspection and show his best side. 7. Real Estate Agencies Bryansk spend preparing documents to sell your property property, in many situations the client can not even imagine how much and with the difficulties encountered in organizations; 8. Real estate agencies are the Bryansk advocate for your interests sale, they will sort are not necessary calls, you really will lead to the client, rather than "Bunglers" storguyutsya with the buyer in an advantageous selling price is currently and correctly complete the transaction.

Now think, did not your best interest to work competently with real estate agencies and Bryansk in dealing with a real estate sign an exclusive contract. And finally, I would say that a professional real estate agency in Bryansk, staffed by qualified, competent staff, is unlikely to be interested in this proposal, and certainly will not work with you without signing an exclusive contract. The only correct answer, which you You can hear by calling in the professionals real estate market, "let's meet, we must inspect your apartment, to form the correct starting price, place your cooperation on paper and then proceed to providing real estate services. " Profitable trades you!

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Real Estate Agents

" What other reasons can affect a change in price in the new year? Elections raise prices? Importance of elections in recent years has increased dramatically. These results define further the political course of Russia, as well as affect the country's stock market, prices and much more. "Currently, the residential property Kirov prices do not change – the director of the Academy of Sciences' Perspective "Valentine Koryakina. – In my opinion, this is largely due to the election. Emerging from the elections to the Duma, and in March we will choose a new president.

Most likely, the stagnation in prices will continue until early spring. And after the end of the cost of housing will increase. Politics is politics. Mostly this will affect the growth, of course, the primary market housing, rather than the secondary. Just think of where to go up even further, "Khrushchev," which now require a major overhaul? "With such an outlook in accordance with the majority of the Kirov Realtors. "The primary market will rise in price due to growth of land prices for cement and other construction materials, – says Realtor "Real Estate Agents" Natalya Voronova – if the primary market grows, the more expensive and definitely secondary.

We often such a situation: a man opens the newspaper and sees that some apartment costs, for example, half a million rubles, having conceived it, he decides to sell his apartment is for two million. Thus is born the new prices. In the secondary market price dictate their own people.

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Commercial Real Estate Agency

You went into business and want to buy, rent space for office or warehouse? You are in despair and did not know whom to contact? Enough to worry about nothing because there is now real estate agency, AU Rielti.Nashe agency in the shortest time you pick up a cozy room for all your needs: office, warehouse space for a shop or restaurant. Do not waste time on trivia, dovretes professionals. We are working on the comic market of real estate not the first year and have already managed to establish the necessary links for these operatsiy.Na our site you will find a non-residential premises at any place convenient to you area of Moscow and Moscow region. The site is organized in an easy search database, so you can easily fit in the room will pick up the criteria. Forget the long search, there is now a company that does all the dirty work for vas.Na our website, you can not only buy or rent suitable premises, but also to find buyers for accommodation, which is in your sobstvennosti.Nash site – a unique find for any businessman. Here, each will receive what has long sought. If you need rent a room nearby with your business, then you are welcome to contact us. If you want to sell you an unnecessary accommodation at a bargain price, you can arrange the sale with us. You can always get competent advice from our experts who know the commercial real estate all the necessary aspects.

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Dubai Real Estate

The main reason for the unprecedented demand for property in Dubai and the sharp rise in prices is the lack of a unified framework for determining the value of the property and valuation factors. However, after the crisis, property prices in the region Middle East and North Africa fell by nearly 50%. Only the real estate market of Dubai total assets of real estate has fallen by almost $ 100 billion, excluding land assets. In order to stabilize and restructuring of real estate markets in the region, the leadership of various countries have introduced new rules, the guiding principle of which is the ability to accurately determine property prices. Thus, the resolution of the Government of Dubai to its citizens received as a gift to sell land at a price of 30% of the market, requires the successful implementation of the exact mechanism for determining prices. As a result of skyrocketing prices in the past three years, the average cost of commercial real estate real estate in Dubai has grown by over 110%.

Nevertheless, the crisis has made some changes and now, according to experts, the prices are back to the level of mid-2006. Such sudden changes in market and indicate the need for precise definition of real estate prices. The development of such a mechanism is difficult to determine the price that the number of deals in real estate markets in the Middle East and North Africa in 2009 and early 2010 was limited, so that there was insufficient data for comparative analysis of prices. In addition, real estate players in Dubai were forced to rely on inaccurate info, rumors and information from the media, because there was no access to official statistics, the real estate industry. It is worth noting that the absence of regular, accurate and professional evaluation of the real estate is the cause of growth financial risk for providing loans – banks and lending institutions, investors and business entities that own real estate, through which they operate.

Dubai property market is becoming more developed and open, so to demonstrate their independence and objectivity of the authorities is vital to develop and implement a single mechanism of real estate valuation. Property should be sold without any destabilizing factors, potential buyers and sellers must operate on the basis of rational motives, without any outside pressure. Government must play a key role in coordinating market implementing international standards of evaluation. And the leadership of the Gulf have already assessed the importance of introducing more vocational assessment procedures. The pioneer in this respect is Dubai, where the Agency on Regulation UAE Real Estate (RERA) has introduced a number of regulations to improve the quality of estimation value of real estate in Dubai. The current situation in the real estate market in the UAE is characterized by low levels of activity transactions due to lack of investor confidence in the future price level. Introduction to professional property assessment system can be a catalyst for the growth of confidence and transparency needed to Recovery of real estate in the UAE.

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